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Build High-Performing Relationships

Increase leadership performance, impact team effectiveness, resolve conflict or build a high-performance sales culture.

SOCIAL STYLE® is proven to improve the performance of your organization’s most essential asset—your people!


SOCIAL STYLE® is the world’s best interpersonal skills model because it works. Used by thousands of organizations around the world, it’s the easiest model to learn, remember and apply. Designed for global professionals and companies, it’s available with flexible training options, prices and times.
Success requires working well with others. As managers, sales professionals or individual contributors, behavior drives relationships.

Learn to:
• Build rapport and common understanding
• Reduce workplace conflict
• Develop common goals and culture

Become a More Versatile Organization

TRACOM’s Social Intelligence programs are easy to deploy and have a measurable impact


The SOCIAL STYLE Model® is recognized as the easiest to learn, remember and apply.
The model categorizes people into one of four SOCIAL STYLEs (Driving, Analytical, Amiable and Expressive) each with their own preferred way of behaving. Understanding the behavioral cues of each Style allows you to modify your own behaviors to meet the communication needs of your team, colleagues or clients. This is called Versatility and it’s the true power of SOCIAL STYLE®.


• Better conflict management
• Higher versatility
• Collaboration in teams
• Increasing sales
• Enhanced communication skills


Our clients include individuals and organizations ranging across a spectrum of industries, business types and sizes, and worldwide locations from global fortune 100 companies to boutique consultancies to schools and universities.
SOCIAL STYLE has improved the Versatility and interpersonal effectiveness of millions of professionals around the world.


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